About Our Staff

Todd Baulch M.A.

Clinical Educator

Lifelong Educator and School Administrator

1999 Graduate of Grand Valley State University (B.A.)

2007 Graduate of N.C. State University (M.S.A)

18 years Experience in local public schools (Teacher and Administrator)

Specifically Trained to teach Dyslexia and Dyscalculia

Private Math, Reading and Writing Tutor

Motivational Social Skills Coach

Enjoys seeing the progress and watching confidence grow.

Todd has always been dedicated to helping all students achieve to the best of their abilities, but being a parent of a child with special needs who struggles with school has lit a fire and enhanced his desire to specifically support students who don't feel successful or feel like they fit in. He believes school and learning should be fun for every child and that their unique learning styles and interests should be utilized and enhanced. He believes that every student should have positive relationships with peers and adults to increase their comfort and happiness. Todd aims to advocate, educate, and consult with children and their families to help increase their level of success and understanding of their educational experience in any way necessary.

Meghan Baulch M.S. CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

ASHA Certified, NC Licenced

Evaluation and Treatment of

Speech, Language and Educational Needs

1999 Graduate of Grand Valley State University (B.S)

2002 Graduate of Michigan State University (B.S)

2005 Graduate of East Carolina University (M.S)

15 years experience in pediatric Speech Language Therapy

Meghan now has 15 years of experience working with Children and Adults with Speech and Language Disorders, including those that are nonverbal (or minimally verbal) from a variety of underlying diagnoses (Ex; Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsey, Stroke, Developmental Delays). Meghan has utilized a combination of Nacy Kaufman's Apraxia therapy approach, Linda Mood Bell's "Sounds in Syllables, " and Multi-Sensory Language Development approach, to assist her nonverbal clients in becoming verbal, at the same time providing a strong phonetic basis, which encourages early reading/spelling development. Meghan's pediatric clients often become verbal at the same time as acquiring early reading/spelling ability. Augmentative Communication ( from low tech to high tech), spelling with letter tiles, recognizing the Dolche 100 first words in print, picture exchange communication, use of communication boards, using text to speech devices, and using dynamic display voice output devices, are also used as a bridge during verbal speech acquisition or as an alternative means to communicate if verbal communication is not the ideal end goal for her client.

Receptive and Expressive Language Articulation

Phonological Disorders

Augmentative Communication

Reading, Spelling and Reading Comprehension

Dyslexia Evaluation and Treatment

Meghan has extensive experience in working in the local public school systems, private practice for school aged populations, working with clients through the local area CDSA's (Durham, Raleigh and Sandhills), as well as the birth to age 3 population. Meghan's son also has special education needs, and she now has knowledge from both sides of the 504/IEP meeting table, as a parent as well as a school system employee.