Evaluations and Services Offered

We offer a variety of traditional Educational Evaluations, Speech and Language Evaluations, as well as specialized Evaluations in the areas of Dyslexia and Augmentative Communication. Treatment is tailored to the identified needs from the Evaluation procedure. Therapeutic or Educational Services will follow a treatment plan specific to your child. This is not a prescriptive service, with a "pre made" plan, that you might find at nationally recognized tutoring centers. Speech therapy evaluations and services are able to be billed to participating insurance providers, or submitted to your insurance carrier autonomously. Educational Services are not able to be billed to insurance, however do fall under "private educational expenses," and will be receipted for your records.

Educational Evaluations:

  • Academic Achievement Evaluation
  • Reading Evaluation
  • Dyslexia Evaluation

Educational Services Offered:

  • Academic support - Reading, Writing, Math
  • Dyslexia Treatment for Reading and Spelling
  • Social Skills Coaching

Speech Language Evaluations:

  • Receptive and Expressive Language Evaluation
  • Articulation Evaluation
  • Phonological Processing Evaluation
  • Oral and Written Language Evaluation
  • Augmentative Communication Evaluation
  • Preschool Language Evaluation

Speech Language Treatment:

  • Receptive and Expressive Language Delays (preschool, school aged)
  • Pragmatic Language Skills
  • Social Skills Coaching
  • Articulation and Apraxia of Speech Treatment
  • Dyslexia Treatment for Reading and Spelling
  • Augmentative Communication training

Clients Served:

  • Students in Regular education (5yrs -18 yrs) struggling in making year-end, grade-level expectations.
  • Students in Special Education programs (5yrs - 18 yrs), making minimal or poor academic gains.
  • Children of preschool age (3-5 yrs) or early childhood (birth -3yrs) with speech and language delays or developmental delays.
  • Children with Speech and Language Disorders of any origin.
  • Children that are nonverbal or minimally verbal, and would benefit from Verbal Behavior therapy or Augmentative Communication or Assistive Technology in order to find a means to communicate.
  • Children with Social Skill delays or Pragmatic Language Deficits, looking for individualized or small group, research based instruction for functional language, conversation skills or problem solving skills.