Achievement Testing

Achievement Testing is completed using multiple standardized educational evaluation tools, that comprehensively assesses the core Academic Areas of Reading, Writing, Spelling and Math. If your child is struggling in his educational program or is home schooled and you have concerns, this provides the justification of the strengths and weaknesses, in order to determine where to begin their educational tutoring program. We now offer comprehensive clinical psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy evaluation and treatment.

  • Achievement Testing is completed by the Speech Language Pathologist or Clinical Psychologist

  • Medical Diagnosis through neuropsychological testing, such as Autism or ADHD, is completed by one of our Clinical Psychologists.

  • Math, Reading, Oral and Written Language ability is assessed with Standardized, Nationally Recognized, Assessment Tools.

  • Achievement testing is recommended when identifying if your child has a Learning Delay/Disability compared to same aged peers.

  • Achievement Testing can be given to your child's school, after the evaluation, to assist in determining if support or an IEP would be helpful to your child's educational program. Your child's school personnel or special education team will determine if they can support the needs identified in the evaluation. However, you will be a better advocate with specific evidence in hand.

  • Testing Fee covers cost of having the standardized evaluation tools, the hourly rate of the administrator, and the physical protocols which are copyrighted and cannot be photocopied. The evaluation cost includes a full written report, produced following the evaluation for your records. The evaluation cost also covers a follow up conference (phone or in person with the evaluator).