Free Screenings

Free Screenings are offerred to ALL potential clients, 

to determine the best way to meet your child's needs.

"Free really means FREE!" We know that you are exploring private therapy and private tutoring options for your child, because either you are concerned about their Educational Performance or you have already identified they have a delay in their Speech or Language Skills.  Our Screenings help us determine what Evaluations to recommend you have completed as well as to determine if there are other concerns that have not been objectively assessed prior to our evaluation; Hearing Screening, Vision Screening or Evaluation, Occupational Therapy, Visual Perceptual or Oculomotor Evaluation, or a Medical Evaluation to determine a Medically relevant diagnosis to the prognosis of your child's development (Ex; Autism, Vision Impairment, ADHD). We do not require that you complete our recommendations after the screening process, in order to continue with an evaluation, therapy or educational treatment plan. We do make these recommendations, so that your child can get the best benefit out of our services, and to also assist in eligibility for insurance reimbursement for eligible claims.  

Meeting you and your child is important for us to determine the appropriate plan.

On your scheduled "screening day," please bring or submit all required "New Patient Forms." Expect the screening to last 15-45 minutes depending on the areas of need you have described to the Speech Therapist or Educational Tutor in the "Areas of Concern." 

Free Screenings are offered in the following areas;

Educational Screening in Math

Educational Screening in Reading

Educational Screening in Writing

Educational Screening in Social Skills

Speech/Language Preschool Screening

Speech Articulation Screening 

Speech Language School Age Screening

Speech Language- Pragmatic Screening

Augmentative Communication

Assistive Technology